Monthly Archives: June 2016

Play with math this summer!

Last summer I had the chance to play with math through the Summer Math Photo Challenge. Each week the moderators posted a mathematical prompt. For example, one week was all about the number three.


Then I, along with other players from around the globe, would keep our eyes open, take pictures of what we found related to that week’s prompt, and share our photos on Twitter using the #mathphoto15 hashtag.

That’s it!

I had so much fun that I shared about my experiences as part of a talk I gave at the NCTM Annual Conference this past April.


And guess what! You can play with us this summer! This year’s challenge starts June 12.


To play, it helps to follow @mathphoto16 on Twitter, but you can also check out the #mathphoto16 hashtag to see the prompt each week. Huge thanks to @nomad_penguin and @MrJohnRowe for spearheading this year’s challenge!

Playing with math through the Summer Math Photo Challenge is a great way to stop and observe all the math that exists in the world around you. You’ll be amazed at everything you start to notice by the end of the summer. Even better, you’ll have a wealth of fantastic images you can use to spark conversation and learning in your classroom next school year.

I hope you’ll join me!