Professional Development

One of my favorite parts of my job as a curriculum coordinator has been planning and leading professional development sessions for teachers. I know a lot of teachers reflect on their teaching via their blogs. Since I don’t have a classroom, I’ve taken the opportunity to reflect on some of my professional development sessions over the years:

  • Adventure Time – In my first year as a curriculum coordinator, I was tasked with leading a year-long professional development program with roughly 100 elementary interventionists. This post details our first session together.
  • And Now For Something a Little Different – One of the things I struggle with in my job is reaching as many of our 1,200 elementary teachers as possible. This post details our efforts to try to reach more of them through after school sessions.
  • A Day in the Life of a Curriculum Coordinator: Wednesday – While taking part in a #MTBoS blogging challenge, I wrote this post detailing PD sessions I led around fractions for our 3rd and 4th grade teachers.
  • Building Understanding in Two Dimensions – This is a post from my other blog where I wrote about a professional development session related to teaching geometry.
  • Talking Up Talking Points – In this post I talked about how I used Talking Points during one of the PD sessions I led with our district interventionists.
  • Twelve Hours of Number Talks – Over a two-day period I was able to reach nearly 150 teachers and introduce them to number talks.
  • Math Rocks – Each year my colleague Regina and I lead a cohort of elementary teachers through a 7-month PD journey where we build relationships with and foster curiosity around mathematics. I’ve written several posts over the years: