Conferences & Workshops

In addition to my role as a district curriculum coordinator, I am also fortunate to participate in the following conferences:


NCTM Regional Conference (Committee Member) – Seattle, WA (November 28-30)

NCTM Annual Conference (Invited Speaker) – Washington, D.C. (April 23-25)


NCTM Innov8 Conference (Committee Member) – Las Vegas, NV (November 15-17)

CAMT Annual Conference (Presenter) – Fort Worth, TX (July 10-12)

CGI National Conference (Presenter) – Seattle, WA (June 26-28)

NCTM Annual Conference (Presenter) – San Antonio, TX (April 5-8)

NCSM Annual Conference (Presenter) – San Antonio, TX (April 3-5)

AACTM Spring Conference (Keynote Speaker and Presenter) – Austin, TX (February 4)


Twitter Math Camp (Presenter) – Minneapolis, MN (July 16-19)

NCTM Annual Conference (Presenter) – San Francisco, CA (April 15-18)


Twitter Math Camp (Presenter) – Claremont, CA (July 23-26)