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I Think I Can…I Think I Can…I Think I Can

A side effect of #MTBoS30 is that other folks are also taking part in the challenge, which means there are lots of posts available when I filter by that hashtag. Instead of writing my own post for today, I’ve spent the past hour now reading and commenting on other people’s #MTBoS30 posts.

Oops. Time to get to work.

Speaking of work, I felt like I was drowning in it today. As I mentioned before, I’m leading a team that is converting our grade 4 and 5 curriculum from our old system to our new system. Unsurprisingly, this entails a lot of work. And today, instead of really focusing on getting some of my own work done, I spent most of the day managing all the other people on my team. Here’s what I’ve got on my plate:

  • One writer is writing practice activities that for one reason or another are missing from existing lessons. There aren’t a ton of missing activities, but I do have to review each one before it is sent to production.
  • Two writers are writing a total of about 23 performance tasks across both grade levels. This is brand new content so I review their initial ideas, help them refine them or take them in a completely different direction, and finally I have to review and clean up their storyboards before they go to production.
  • One writer is writing short fluency activities for both grades. Thankfully she picked up on it very quickly so I haven’t had to look over her shoulder very often. Yay!
  •  Two reviewers are going through all the metadata for all 350 lessons to ensure that it’s all up to snuff.
  • A production team is handling the conversions, and they email me regularly to ask questions about how to handle issues that crop up. Some questions have simple answers and some questions, not so much.
  • A review team is about to start doing a pedagogical QA of all the lessons that have been converted. I had to put together a training with my co-worker Meredith, and we delivered the training this afternoon. I learned that in an hour and a half we did not manage to cover close to everything they need to know. I’ll be helping them a lot as they get started and doing a lot of review of their work to provide feedback and assistance as they continue.
  • Oh, and I have my own work. The original unit assessments are being reworked and guess who is in charge of that.
  • Oh, and none of these people live in the same town as me. Actually, come to think of it, none of them are even in this state. Thankfully I’m used to it after working for Time To Know for 3 years. They’re based out of Israel.

So on one hand, I’m thrilled to have so many hands on deck helping accomplish this Herculean task. On the other, it’s putting my management skills to the test prioritizing the work and staying on top of what everyone is doing. As it turns out, I like being challenged, and I like seeing all these pieces and parts that are made separately coming together to make something much larger than one person’s contribution. Now I’ll just cross my fingers and hope we can meet our deadline.