Better Questions: Math Rocks Meets Open Middle

This year I have been leading a cohort of elementary math educators in my district. We met for two full days in July – you can read about that here and here – and throughout this school year we’ve met every other Thursday after school. In December, our meeting focused on the work of Robert Kaplinsky, […]

Go Big or Go Home: Math Rocks Day 2

This has been a busy week, but I can finally sit down to write about day 2 of our Math Rocks class. (In case you missed the post about day 1, here it is.) One thing that has kept me busy is reading and responding to all of the blog posts that our group has […]

Six and a Half Years: Part 2

A week ago, I closed out six and a half years serving as the Elementary Mathematics Curriculum Coordinator for Round Rock ISD. I wrote a blog post on my last day where I reflected on my accomplishments. If you’re interested, you can check out that post here. Today I’d like to share the lessons I […]

Six and a Half Years: Part 1

Today marks my last day as the Elementary Mathematics Curriculum Coordinator in Round Rock ISD. After serving in this role for six and a half years, I’m resigning so that my husband, daughter, and I can move to Rochester, New York this spring to live closer to family. I wrote previously about our reasons for […]

Professional Development

One of my favorite parts of my job as a curriculum coordinator has been planning and leading professional development sessions for teachers. I know a lot of teachers reflect on their teaching via their blogs. Since I don’t have a classroom, I’ve taken the opportunity to reflect on some of my professional development sessions over […]

Trick or Treat!

Now that I’ve completed sets of numberless word problems for all of the addition and subtraction CGI problem types, I wanted to do something fun. This school year, my co-worker Regina Payne and I have been visiting the teachers in our Math Rocks cohort. One of the things they’ve been graciously letting us do is […]

Decisions, Decisions

This week our Math Rocks cohort met for the fourth time. We had two full days together in July, and we had our first after school session two weeks ago. One of our aims this year is to create a community of practice around an instructional routine, specifically the number talks routine. We spent a […]