Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

The following sentence is not something I imagined writing or saying out loud in 2020. This spring my husband, daughter, and I are planning to move to Rochester, New York.

Up until two months ago, I was happily working at my job as a curriculum coordinator, and I’d just been elected as President-Elect of the Texas Association of Supervisors of Mathematics (TASM). That trajectory involved staying put here in Austin.

It’s funny how a global pandemic can radically alter your plans and priorities. (It’s not actually funny. I’ve been on an emotional roller coaster the past several of months as events have unfolded, and the ride isn’t over.)

So why the move and why Rochester, New York? While we had no immediate plans to move up until now, we had been entertaining the idea of eventually moving out of Texas. Our primary reason has to do with climate change. The summers here are brutal, and that’s only going to get worse, not better. It’s frustrating to me that when my daughter is out of school for the summer, going outside feels like a punishment because it’s so dang hot. It’s a huge missed opportunity to get out together as a family.

In mid-July when my husband tossed out the idea of moving, it didn’t take long to figure out where we would go. My husband and I have noticed over the past few years that whenever we go on vacation we invariably choose to visit extended family in upstate New York. Tom’s parents live in Syracuse and his brother lives in Rochester. My family lives outside Buffalo.

Our daughter has a close relationship with her grandparents and uncle. This summer she had almost daily video calls with her grandma and grandpa. I envy her because as a military brat I rarely lived anywhere near extended family while I was growing up and visits were sporadic.

This was a difficult decision because it means I’m going to have to resign from my job (though HR decisions are pushing me in that direction anyway), leave my coworkers and friends behind, and I won’t get to continue working with the great folks at TASM.

But it became a much easier decision after talking about our plans with our daughter. We were nervous about how she’d feel, and we were willing to reconsider if she had strong reservations. Turns out there was no reason to worry. She is over the moon about our move! She can’t wait to live close to family, and she is unbelievably excited about living somewhere that gets SNOW.

We’ll also be a short drive from Niagara Falls, which she loved visiting for the first time a few years ago.

Her excitement makes me excited. I’m excited about getting to live and explore a new place with her. I’m excited about milder summers where we can get outside and enjoy time together as a family. I’m excited to be close to extended family and have even more opportunities to spend time with them. I’m excited about eventually being able to go on vacation somewhere other than to visit family. I’m excited about living in a state where we can drive for 6 hours and actually get to a different state.

This may not be the direction I imagined or planned on going, but I’m excited and hopeful about what the future holds.

14 thoughts on “Oh, the Places We’ll Go!

  1. lovemathweb

    Brian, I am so happy for you! I am sad for me 😦 very sad. Your shoes are going to be very difficult to fill! Thank you for being my teacher all this years that you were in the district, you are irreplaceable. I wanted to let you know how much you inspired me to see math in a different way, to always try new things and to keep learning. I admire you as a person, I really don’t know where do you get all the time to do all the things you do! Thank you for being a role model!

    I am going to miss you.

    1. kimaxtell

      We will miss your leadership in TASM but are thrilled for you! My son and daughter-in-law lived in Watertown for a few years because they were stationed at Ft. Drum. We love everything about upstate New York – even driving through snow storms to get there during spring break. Wishing you the best!

  2. @jstevens009

    Wow, this is (hopefully) great news for you, your husband, and your daughter! Best of luck to you, and how fortunate New York will be to get someone as thoughtful and amazing as you to contribute in many ways.

  3. debboden

    How exciting for you!!! You’ve contributed so much to your district – and to even more teachers that follow your blogs. I know I’ve learned a lot from all of the things you’ve shared. I’ll look forward to posts about the rest of this year, and am excited to see what you will do in NY! I’m so glad I got to meet you at the 2015 TMC, I’ve been a huge fan ever since! Congratulations again on this move with your family, it will be fun to see if the winters there are better than the summers in Texas!

  4. Karon Henderson

    This will be so good for you and your family! You are an inspiration to so many and have done great things for teachers and students in RRISD. Follow your heart and opportunities will bubble up where ever you land. You are an amazing educator and you will continue to grow and inspire teachers just as you did during your tenure in Round Rock.

  5. Michael Pershan

    I lived in Rochester from ages 3 through 5. One of my earliest memories is my mom getting a call from our nextdoor neighbor during a snowstorm. I went over with my mom and a snow shovel as we dug out their front door so they could get through. We didn’t stay long but I only have fond memories of Rochester. Good luck!

  6. Amy Vidals

    Congratulations on choosing NY! I learned so much from you at RRISD and I am very thankful for your time and knowledge. I am from NY, went to college outside Syracuse and got my Masters from SUNY Albany. We spend all our summers in the Adirondack Mountains/Lake George with my parents to escape this awful heat.

  7. Kristine Chen

    Another teacher and I were just talking about you the other day. Both of us left Voigt and were saying how Hutto needs someone like you! We were both so excited to find your blog. You will be missed! Good luck in NY!
    P.S. I was the interventionist who taught 5th grade math last year at Voigt.

  8. Kristine Chen

    Another teacher and I were just talking about you the other day. Both of us left Voigt and were saying how Hutto needs someone like you! We were both so excited to find your blog. You will be missed! Good luck in NY!
    P.S. I was the interventionist who taught 5th grade math last year at Voigt.

  9. Bilingual Educator

    Oh no!! I am happy for you and your family! We will miss you so much!! I have learn so much from you, I think I have become a better teacher thanks to you!! We will always be grateful for all of your dedication and hard work in facilitating a great math curriculum! Have a wonderful move!!

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