My First Ignite Talk

I’m a fan of Ignite talks. They’re short – which makes sharing them and using them in PD very easy – and they’re to the point – which means a focused message to get others thinking and talking.

Here’s the catch. To ensure each talk is short and to the point there’s a format each one follows:

  • Each talk is 5 minutes long.
  • You have exactly 20 slides.
  • The slides auto-advance every 15 seconds.

Sounds stressful, right? And up until a couple of months ago I was always happy someone else was in the hot seat. That is until I got an email from Suzanne Alejandre from The Math Forum inviting me to be one of 10 speakers at the NCSM 2017 Ignite event in San Antonio in April. My emotions upon reading her email were a mix of feeling honored and terrified.

The event has come and gone, so now I get to look back on it with relief and a sense of accomplishment that I took the challenge and saw it through. I’m proud of the final result. I chose to talk about doing less of 3 key things in our math classrooms, which sounds counter-intuitive, but it actually results in getting more of a few things we want. Check it out:

6 thoughts on “My First Ignite Talk

  1. mathkaveli

    Brian, I’m going to give you the highest mathnerd compliment I know of: Your Ignite Talk would make Dan Meyer proud. Less is so much more, and you were articulate and provided clear, well explained examples. Awesome!

    1. bstockus Post author

      Thank you! It’s definitely been a mantra of mine for some time. I was happy to have the chance to distill it down into an Ignite talk. It’s a lot easier to share and get people to watch when you only ask for 5 minutes of their time. Thanks again for the kind words!

      1. mathkaveli

        It was well done and I enjoyed the clear examples. I was thinking in terms of our community and some of our teachers how beneficial this would be. Very cool

  2. Kris Serven

    Let’s convince the world that math stories can be explorative!
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. BK

    Well done Brian. This is perfect for a PD. I can’t wait for the conversations that will come as a result of this Ignite Talk.
    Thank you.

  4. Jana Sanchez

    Yes! Less IS More … what a great message. Thanks for taking the risk and sharing your greatness with the rest of us. Such critical ideas to explore with students and avoid “crowding out their thinking.”


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