The Monday-est of Mondays

Today was a Monday, that’s for sure. I’m hesitant to call it the “Monday-est of Mondays”, but it was Monday-ish enough, and I like the title, so I’m going to stick with it. If I ever happen to blog about an even worse Monday, I’ll address the titling problem then.

I was appropriately dressed in one of my Monday t-shirts. This is a bit more chipper than my "Angry Day" shirt.

I was appropriately dressed in one of my Monday t-shirts. This is a bit more chipper than my “Angry Day” shirt.

It started feeling Monday-ish around 8:15. I had just gotten home from dropping our foster daughter off at daycare. I still needed to eat breakfast, get myself ready, and chop up some veggies for a salad before leaving for work.

It’s all the salad’s fault that my morning didn’t go smoothly. The salad was not a normal part of my routine. Someone at work had an unexpected hand surgery, so we decided to put together a supper to take to her house. I signed up for salad.

I told myself on Sunday night I should be prepared and chop up the veggies the night before, but of course I also told myself, “No, no, no, you can do it in the morning. Don’t worry about it.” My laziness won out (though I still blame the salad), and chopping veggies took longer than I would have liked this morning. Whereas I normally leave for work at 8:45 in order to arrive by 9, today I was leaving at 9 in hopes of getting there at 9:15.

Leaving late for work is a perfectly Monday thing to do, but to make it a more Monday-ish Monday, I was sitting at a light about halfway to work when I realized that I’d left my phone at home. I immediately had a dilemma. I could turn around and go get my phone, which would make me even later to work, or I could continue to the office and live without a cell phone all day.

I chose option C. I finished the drive to work, ran in to drop off the salad that had made me late in the first place, hopped back in my car to drive home, and worked from home the rest of the day. All in all, I probably made the most time consuming choice – poor decision making is a hallmark of Mondays – which mean I didn’t log in to my work computer until nearly 9:40am.

This set me up for an even Monday-ier Monday than usual. Because I got to work so late, I knew I’d have to stay later to make up for the lost time. Unfortunately, I had a physical therapy appointment this afternoon that took me away from work for about an hour, so that meant even more time spent working in the evening. All told, my work day ended today around 9:30pm, ten minutes shy of 12 hours after I started.

There are still 2 hours left in this Monday, but I’m hoping that the day is finished having its way with me. There’s no need for it to be greedy. There’s always next week.


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