Inspired by a Cop Out

I’m going to force myself to keep it brief tonight. Each day of this blogging challenge I haven’t really planned too much ahead of time about what I’m going to write, but each day I’ve found myself sitting down at my computer for one and a half to two hours writing that day’s post. I’ve learned I have a lot to say! And when I don’t start saying it until around 10 or 10:30 or maybe even 10:45, it means going to bed much later than usual.

This evening I got on my computer around 10 o’clock, but I ended up reading other people’s blog posts for the past hour. I can’t bring myself to start writing another long post for my blog that’s going to take until after midnight, so instead let me share a few good blogs I was reading today.

The Roots of the Equation

My unofficial blogging partner, @jacehan, is usually getting his posts in at the last minute like me. Tonight he wrote a short Cop Out post because he’s feeling tired. That gave me the idea of doing my own cop out post today. I have lots on my mind that I could talk about, but I also have lots of sleep that I’d love to catch up on.

Since I’m linking to his blog, I should probably link to another of his posts so you can see that he writes about more than just elevators and a lack of sleep. During this blogging challenge, the piece that has resonated the most with me is the one about being out in the classroom. This is something I was never able to be when I was a teacher, and it makes me happy to read about someone who can.

Wandering through math

I just discovered @Mr_Kunkel’s blog during the #MTBoS30 challenge, and I’m happy I did. I enjoyed his two recent posts – The Ferrari Ride and Zonk and the impact of time – talking about testing and more specifically the amount of time remaining in the school year after the tests are over. While some folks may be ready to throw in the towel, he is trucking along. He’s doing a great job of demonstrating that as long as you continue to provide engaging instruction, your students will continue to participate.

Learning to Fold

This blogging challenge has taught me that @mythagon is my one stop shop for what to read and listen to. Today she talked about the TED talk given by the author of xkcd. I passed that right on to my husband. Yesterday she shared a link to an article about the ‘Noticing and Wondering’ strategy. That one I read for myself, though I’ll likely share it with some folks at work. And the day before that she linked to another post where the author wrote, “A pyramid is like a 3D representation of a dilation.” That post was quickly shared with my coworker Meredith. Basically, I can’t go wrong with her blog, and you probably can’t either. Go check it out!

D’oh. This is not a brief post. I guess “brief” wasn’t the right word. Maybe I should have said I wanted to write a post today that is less intense than my other recent posts. This definitely fit the bill. While there’s some length to it, this was much easier and faster to write than other things I’ve written during this challenge. And, besides, I’m happy to share with others the great things I’m reading thanks to this blogging challenge. It’s a win-win.

Now, time for bed.


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