Whose Job Is It Anyway?

Is it the job of teachers to design their own curriculum?

The view of someone I worked with for several years and highly respect is that it shouldn’t be the teachers’ responsibility. In her view, teachers have enough responsibilities on their plates without tackling the writing of an entire curriculum, which is a massive and complex undertaking. They should be able to rely on expert others to do the heavy lifting of planning an entire year’s worth of curriculum. This leaves the teachers’ free to focus their efforts on planning how to adapt that curriculum to meet the needs of their particular students.

What are your gut reactions to this point of view?


3 thoughts on “Whose Job Is It Anyway?

  1. Mr_Kunkel

    If there was just one really good curriculum I would say sure. There isn’t. The problem with mass marketed curriculum is that it never meets the diverse needs of all classrooms. I have never found a textbook that was great. They all try too hard to do too much.

    I think the power of what we do here on the interwebs, the MTBoS, is that we crowd source the curriculum. We are all capable of coming up with some good lessons. I think the curriculum of the future will be a good indexing of all these lessons that teachers are creating. Some how it would be great to combine them and track them by CCSS. Some people are trying that using their virtual filing cabinets. Actually, a really good virtual filling cabinet would be my ideal curriculum. Forget the books.

    1. bstockus Post author

      Thanks for responding! I was afraid no one was going to. I have lots of thoughts about this, and about 18 more days to go in this blogging challenge, so I’m going to revisit this again and likely incorporate my responses to what you wrote. Thanks again!

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