A Rough Day All Around

Today has been a rough day. In the morning, I found out that a bunch of folks I used to work with were just laid off from their jobs. The writing was on the wall that it was going to happen eventually, but having it happen today was so sudden. It was especially sad since I was just reminiscing in yesterday’s post about how great it was when I started working with them back in 2009. I wish each and every one of them the best in everything they do going forward.

The day didn’t improve from there. Daycare called this afternoon to tell us our foster daughter had thrown up. She’s thrown up three times more since then. To make matters worse, my husband and I were signed up to attend a mandatory training tonight to maintain our foster care license. If we didn’t attend it today, the only other training session is in San Antonio. I’m sorry, but I’m not driving to and from San Antonio for a 3-hour training.

Thankfully, our friend Gina came to the rescue. She was already planning to babysit for us, and because she’s so awesome, she agreed to babysit despite the extreme likelihood that it would involve vomiting. Tom and I felt awful leaving, but since we can only keep our foster daughter so long as we are licensed foster parents, we didn’t really have much of a choice.

Now I’m back home, our foster daughter is soundly sleeping in her bed, and I am crossing my fingers she stays that way until tomorrow morning.


5 thoughts on “A Rough Day All Around

    1. bstockus Post author

      Thankfully she’s doing much better today. Knock on this wood table over here and this wood counter over there.

      The training wasn’t all that great. Our agency hired a new guy and at 2pm yesterday told him he was giving this refresher course by himself at 6pm. He wasn’t terrible, but he clearly wasn’t as fully prepared as he could have been. But we at least met our training requirement, and that’s what matters.

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